Step One: Set up your Valve Index

Without your Valve Index ready to go, we can’t start playing titles from Viveport, so make sure to:

  • Connect your Valve Index HMD to your PC, with any other setup completed​

  • Create your account at Steam, and install the Steam VR

Step Two: Get VIVEPORT Desktop App

You’ll need to download the VIVEPORT Desktop App to access your Viveport library to start playing. If you already have a VIVE or VIVE Pro, you may already have Viveport installed

(in which case, skip on down to Step Three).

During Viveport installation, you will need to:

  •  Sign in with your VIVEPORT account (or create a new one)

  •  Install SteamVR (This will automatically happen, but you may be asked to sign into Steam during installation)

  • After installation, you can launch Viveport from the desktop shortcut

Step Three: Browse for Valve Index compatible titles

You can check whether a title is Valve Index compatible by hovering over the title cards on the homepage or by visiting the game detail page and check under “compatible with”. 

You can also directly filter for Valve Index compatible titles via search

Step Four: Start your free trial to VIVEPORT INFINITY

Viveport Infinity is the first unlimited VR subscription service for Valve Index. You can play anything you want in the Infinity catalog at one low monthly fee (cancel anytime).

Start your free trial today!

Step Five: Start playing top titles for Valve Index