The “Step into Cat Art”
Online Exhibition is Live! 

VIVEPORT partnered with renowned Japanese artist and creator of CAT ART, Mr. Shu Yamamoto, to create the new "Step into Cat Art” Online Exhibition.

The exhibition, which is set to premiere globally, combines various VR technologies to create an unparalleled viewing experience and bring the characters of CAT ART to life, not to mention the majestic The Hisstine Chapel comprising 124 artworks.

We invite you to take a journey with us into the Feline Dimension! 



About a year ago, when I heard the proposal to recreate my cat art in the world of virtual reality, I couldn't quite predict what it would look like. And I watched it gradually complete, but the finished product was far beyond my imagination. It is my sincere wish that many people will visit the VR Museum and meet my cats born from the tip of my paintbrush.

-- Shu Yamamoto


Step into Cat Art Exhibition Highlights


ALL-New Interactive Experience

Did Mewna Lisa just stick out her tongue? Was that a yawn by the  Kitty With the Pearl Earring? Don’t miss this all-new interactive experience of CAT ART! 


Free Roam

Tickets offer unlimited access, regardless of device. Access the exhibition on your smartphone, computer, or VR device anywhere, anytime! 


Vicarious Pleasure

Make yourself at home in the CAT ART Online Exhibition. Use various devices to get up close and personal with the artworks and experience unparalleled virtual experience. You can enjoy this virtual world with your friends and family at the same time to have fun together!


2021 Raindance Film Festival

This exhibition was shortlisted for the Best Multiplayer Experience Award at the 2021 Raindance Film Festival, which is one of the world's top 50 film festivals and features the long and short films and VR categories. The award aims to recognize the creativity, originality, and artistic quality of the immersive storytelling approach, games, and scenes at the exhibition.


A flicker of light, trickle of water, and rustle of wind… 7 major rooms are created to feature distinct painting styles,  bringing audiences a concerto of feline audiovisual experiences.




Welcome to Step into Cat Art, world's first Cat Art virtual exhibition!


4 major rooms are created to feature distinct painting styles,  bringing you a concerto of feline audiovisual experiences.

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Ticketing Information

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Event Period
SEP 17, 2021 - MAY 31, 2022

Ticketing Period
SEP 10, 2021 - MAY 31, 2022

How to Enter the Exhibition

Step. 1
Choose your device

Step Into Cat Art Online Exhibition is held on ENGAGE, which supports PC (Windows 10, macOS), Mobile (Android, iOS), and multiple VR devices. 

Step. 2
Install & redeem 

Download ENGAGE on your device, then sign up an account. Go to the ‘Events’ section and search for ‘Step into Cat Art’, then click on ‘Join’ button to input your ticket redemption code. Admission to the exhibition will be linked to your ENGAGE account.

Step. 3
Access & enjoy the show! 

Now get ready to Step into Cat Art! You can access the exhibition hall as many times as you want during the exhibition period! Don't forget to invite your friends to enter the exhibition at the same time and have fun!

◎ If you can’t input the redemption code in the App successfully, please log in to your ENGAGE account from this link to enter the event.  

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum system requirements to run ENGAGE App.

To run ENGAGE App, we recommend the following minimum system requirements:

  • PC/Laptop:
    • Windows 10
    • Mac OS: Mojave (minimum), Big Sur (maximum)
  • Smartphone/Tablet devices:
    • Android smartphone/tablet devices: Android 7.1.1
    • iPhone/iPad: iOS 13.0
  • VR devices - ENGAGE supports most major VR platforms:
    • PCVR: VIVE Pro 2, VIVE Pro, VIVE Cosmos, VIVE Standard, Valve Index, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Rift, HP Reverb G2, HP Windows MR, ASUS Windows MR, ACER Windows MR, DELL Windows MR
    • Standalone VR: VIVE Focus 3, VIVE Focus Plus, Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Quest, Pico Neo 3, Pico Neo 2

For further details on the supported devices and minimum system requirements, please refer to: SUPPORTED DEVICES

How to buy a ticket?

You can buy CAT ART Online Exhibition’s ticket through LAWSON Ticket or on our official website.

For further ticketing questions, please contact here.

I can’t redeem my ticket code.

Please confirm again whether you have correctly input the correct 16-digit ticket code. If you still cannot redeem the ticket, please contact our customer service and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Can I cancel my ticket?

You may contact the ticketing platform for refund before the ticket code is redeemed and connected to your ENGAGE account.

The organizers and ticketing platforms will not be responsible for the failure of viewing the exhibition due to device or internet related factors and will not provide refund.





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